How children were taught to love God in 1855

Part 2 in a Herald-Guide 12-part series

EDITOR’S NOTE: Back in the good ol’ days parents taught their children to love God and nobody made fun of them for doing it. Here, in Part 2 of an exclusive 12-part series, the St. Charles Herald-Guide reprints with permission another chapter from “Easy Lessons for the Little Ones at Home,” originally published by the American Tract Society in 1855, and more recently preserved and digitized by the Michigan State University Libraries. So sit back, relax and feel the power of faith of a day gone by.



MY DEAR CHILD – Look up at the bright sun. How it shines! How high up it is!

Who put the sun up so high, and who holds it up there? God does. He made it, and he made the beautiful moon, and the pretty stars, and the blue sky. God made the world, and all that is in it. He made all the trees, and the water, and the hills, and the green grass.

There was a time when there was no world – when God had not yet made it. But God was alive then. He has always been alive; and when he thought it best, he made the world, and the bright sun, and every thing that we can see. Then he made the people who live in the world, and all the animals, and every little bird.

What did he make all these people for? So that he could have them to love him, and so that he could make them happy.

He made all the creatures to be happy. The little lambs that skip about in the fields, and the pretty birds that sing in the trees, they are all happy, because God loves them and takes care of them. God wishes little children to be happy; he does not like to have them fret and cry.

How many things can you see that God has made? Which of them all do you love best? Which do you think is the prettiest?

Must not God be very great and very good to have made all these things?

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