St. Charles Parish Schools unveil new district slogan

New slogan created to bring attention to the community’s role in public schooling

If you are a parent or student in St. Charles Parish Public Schools, chances are you have noticed the significant changes to the district’s websites, informational material and the newly issued “InBox” packets given to students for parents on the first day of school, all of which are embossed with the same new slogan, “You and I…We are St. Charles Parish Schools”. The district may have a new look but their mission remains the same.  School officials created the new slogan to help emphasize that it takes more than teachers and staff to promote successful learning.  As the old saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

“Many people make the St. Charles Parish Public School system successful.  It is the students and parents, industry, police, members of the community, just to name a few,” said Rochelle Cancienne, Director of Public Information for St. Charles Parish Schools. “Everyone in St. Charles Parish plays a role in public education.  We want the public to know that we are grateful for their past assistance and continued assistance is needed to make our school district a success for years to come.”

Officials involved with the school district hold certain beliefs that help create a lasting supportive work environment for students and parents.  First and foremost, all students can learn, regardless of race, income or learning disabilities.  The district strives to create a supportive work environment that enables students and staff to demonstrate mutual respect and reach their potential for life-long learning.  “Accomplishing these goals and beliefs is not possible without the assistance of the community,” said Cancienne.


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