Is our political system becoming dysfunctional?

Politics is getting somewhat out of line, especially nationally where the current presidential election is underway.

Opposition is so ferocious that one would think our candidates are all a bunch of people who just want to gain control of the country regardless of which side is right or wrong.

And that’s not the way the world’s greatest democracy should work.

We need to put a softer note on the way politicians seek their offices. They need to speak better of their opponents – most of whom aren’t that bad – and at least say something nice about them now and then.

After all, if they lose the election on good terms, they may get the support of the other side when they seek another position in a coming election.

It’s understandable that a candidate has to bring out the reasons why the public should not elect his or her opponent but it goes far beyond that nowadays.

When a candidate runs for office, he does not set down the specifics of everything he will not do if he gets the office.

And he shouldn’t concentrate on claiming all the bad things that will go on if his opponent wins.

They need to put aside their differences somewhat and concentrate in a rational way what is best for the future of their country, no matter who wins the election.

And then he can concentrate on how he will accomplish it.The negative part of his campaign may concentrate on how his opponent will not as likely do that under his platform but leave it at that.

Don’t pursue the negative any further than to show the difference between the  two candidates. Then go back to his own merits and concentrate on them for a winning campaign if possible.

It would be nice for candidates to sit down side by side and trade their ideas on how they should run the government if elected and agree or disagree, in a friendly fashion on how the government should be operated if either one would take the office.

Then they can shake hands and wish each other success in other elections and proceed on their own paths in the current election.

That should be the spirit of politicians if they really aim to serve their people.

That way they are offering a base that can serve a democratic purpose regardless of which way the election turns.


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