How about Jindal for vice president?

With all of the unabated political activity going on at the present time locally and nationally, here is a suggestion that just about everybody in Louisiana would favor – let’s spread the word that our governor, Bobby Jindal, should be put on a ticket as vice presidential candidate next year.

When Jindal first ran for governor, he was very popular. And we feel he would return to that status as vice president.All of the good friends and supporters of Jindal in Louisiana would welcome a native son in the second highest office in the land.

And we would have another credit for our state in our nation’s capitol.

The possibility of gaining Louisiana’s First District Congressman Steve Scalise as majority leader of the House of Representatives may have been lost this past week when Rep. Kevin McCarthy withdrew from the race for Speaker of the House and instead retained his position as majority leader.

Scalise reportedly had overwhelming support to succeed him in the second most powerful position in the House. It would have been a major boost for Louisiana.

Unfortunately, Jindal is probably at his lowest level of popularity in Louisiana since being elected governor seven years ago. This is primarily because he has been travelling the country campaigning for president too much for local citizens.

The word is out now, though, that Jindal’s support for president has climbed in some states where he has been campaigning. He’s a smart fellow and, as a candidate in Louisiana for governor, he was very popular.

If he is not ready for the top post, as it appears at this time, Jindal could very well give another presidential candidate a lift as his mate. He has favorable national and international appeal.

And once he became vice president for a term and re-elected, high marks could give him the chance he has been longing for while he was travelling away out-of-state as our governor seeking the job of president.

is possible that Jindal could make a good President with favor around the globe, which our country needs right now. We would consider putting him in this higher office.

After all, if he becomes President, he can travel to any state in the union and around the world and still be doing his job.


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