Shelter has more than 40 dogs available for adoption

A former shelter dog and his adopted family.

Despite having 33 runs at the facility, the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter is currently housing 45 dogs, which could soon become an even greater problem since shelter intake typically surges after the holidays.

“Especially three months after the holidays when people who purchased pets realize they grow, need training, patience and vet care that can add up to a lot of time and money,” Dr. Jenna Troxler, shelter supervisor, said. 

In the past, the shelter has had way more kittens at this time of year, which they intake at a rate of more than 1,000 a year. However, now there are just 12 cats at the facility. Three large litters of puppies have contributed to the larger than usual number of dogs.

“Two litters have adopters scheduled to pick them up after they are medically cleared, and one bully-type litter has no interest yet,” Troxler said. “We have Petco grant funding that we invest in spaying the parents to end the cycle of homelessness.”

Another factor that increases the intake of dogs during the holiday season is the sound of fireworks.

“We put out a lot of social media posts to bring awareness to the fact that many dogs are afraid of fireworks, and it’s best to be with them on a leash when going outdoors and never to leave in a fenced area alone and tethered,” Troxler said. “We had a few escapes from the festivities, but many residents find pets. We post on social media and they find the owners within hours, as they are typically blocks from home.”

Troxler added that microchips are important when it comes to tracking down pet owners.

The fee to adopt a pet at the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter is $80 and covers, at minimum, the pet going home spayed or neutered and microchipped. The cost also includes age-appropriate vaccines and tests for other diseases, such as heart worms.

“Routinely, each pet receives $400-$600 in medical care and housing before adoption,” Troxler added.

The average length of stay for pets at the parish’s animal shelter is three weeks, but Troxler said she and her staff always strive to shorten that. 

“The volunteers help with pet care daily with walks and enrichment, yet being in the shelter setting is not home,” Troxler said. “The routine and less stressful sights/sounds/smells of a home help them to decompress and show their true personalities. We even offer foster opportunities that they can go into someone’s home for a short-term stay and we provide all necessities.”

Adoption applications can be found at All pets available for adoption can be found at

The shelter is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and two Saturdays a month from 8 a.m. to noon. Upcoming Saturday dates include Jan. 20, Feb. 3 and Feb. 17.


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