Purse snatcher targets VFW Hall in Luling

A Luling woman was leaving the VFW Hall, 146 Angus Drive, August 18, at 11:00 p.m. when a black male riding on a bicycle snatched her purse.

According to an official report from the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s office, Gwendolyn Brown, 49 of Luling, was leaving the VFW Hall and crossing the parking lot to her car when an unknown black male ran towards her, and removed her purse from her arm.

The suspect ran in the direction of the highway.

Police are looking for a black male, between 5″6 and 5″10 tall weighing between 140 and 180 pounds.

Deputy Pamela Schmidt, from the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office teaches self defense classes and lists these tips for women to fend off purse snatchers.

•Whenever possible, carry valuables in your pockets rather than in a purse.

•Be alert at all times, and look like it.

•Be on particular alert when leaving areas where people tend to obtain money or valuables, such as ATMs or banks. Try to use ATMs during the day, use drive-up or in-store ATMs if possible, and have your card in hand when you approach the machine.

•When walking, keep your purse close to your body, with your hand over the clasp. If you are also carrying packages or other bags, keep your purse between your body and the packages.

•Keep your purse with you at all times. Don’t leave it unattended to tempt a purse snatcher.

•Do not display the contents of your purse, especially large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry.

•Don’t keep the straps of your purse wrapped around your wrist. You risk injury to yourself in a purse snatching.

•If someone does try to snatch your purse, do not fight the purse snatcher and risk injury. Instead, note the thief’s characteristics – race, height, hair color and clothing – and report these to the police.


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