Parish’s new bomb dog already called to active duty on 2 threats

Miki was considered a little “hyper” by the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) for people-heavy airports, but Lt. Jason Guidry said St. Charles Parish is fortunate to have this enthusiastic German short-haired pointer as its new bomb dog.

In just two weeks since he came on active duty, the three-year-old K-9 has sniffed out two bomb calls – the first on March 31 at the Walmart in Luling and last Thursday at Ponchatoula High School.

Fortunately, both were false alarms, but Miki was the first to know it.

Guidry, commander of the parish’s longtime K-9 unit, described his new partner’s performance as “flawless.” He added, “Even when he’s hyper and fast, he’s careful about things” and that’s especially important when it comes to potentially setting off a bomb.

TSA saw Miki as hyper, but Guidry saw an enthusiastic dog who loves his work. He’s a hugger, too.

Leisurely laying his head in Guidry’s lap, Miki doesn’t seem hyper at all although that’s what got him replaced by another dog at Lackland Air Force Base. From there, he came to the parish and replaced Rossi, who was retired after serving as a bomb and patrol dog.

Rossi, who fortunately never encountered a bomb, is happily living in retirement at Guidry’s residence.

Miki has joined the parish’s K-9 unit that includes Freckles, Sunna, Buddy and Sierra. He also will assist Freckles in visiting schools to educate school children about the unit.

“He works perfect for us,” Guidry said of the new addition.Miki is actually a certified bomb specialist with a nose that knows explosives like C-4, dynamite, RDX and others.If he smells any of these compounds, the dog will sit down and stay there until Guidry gives him his toy.

When the search began for a new bomb dog, Guidry expected another German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever or Belgian Malinois. But he said this pointer rated so highly on “drives,” such as prey or hunt drives, that he couldn’t pass on Miki. These are powerful instincts that can’t be taught to a dog, they must be genetic, and this dog rated above 10 other pointers.

Miki goes home with Guidry, too.

“When a dog bonds with you, he’ll work a lot better with you,” he said. “The dog wants to please you.”

Guidry, who always wanted to work with K-9s, said he loves working with the dogs, adding, “We work, but definitely have our fun times, as well.”


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