Mary Tastet will fill abandoned St. Charles Parish Council seat

For the second time this year, Mary Tastet will take over for a St. Charles Parish Council member who resigned his seat.

In January, Tastet filled in for her husband, Shelley, who resigned due to illness. She served on the seat until April when Councilman Billy Woodruff was elected. On Monday, she was chosen by the council to take over for former Councilman Clayton “Snookie” Faucheux, who resigned after getting a job promotion that forced his relocation.

Only Councilwoman Carolyn Schexnaydre voted against Tastet’s appointment.

First elected as Councilman at Large Division B in 2000, Faucheux served back-to-back terms until 2008 when he ran unsuccessfully for parish president against current Parish President V.J. St. Pierre. In 2011, he was reelected as Councilman at Large Division B.

Tastet will serve as Councilwoman for at Large Division B until a special election next year.

Faucheux is the third St. Charles Parish Council member to resign in a year. Along with Shelley Tastet and Faucheux, Dennis Nuss stepped down last December to pursue a job in Houston. Councilwoman Julia Fisher-Perrier was elected to take his seat.


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