Clarence Jordan

Senior Predictive Preventive Maintenance Coordinator


Jordan blends myriad skills together to best help the people of his community, with a special emphasis on youth. He is active with church outreach and mentors young people, showing them the ropes concerning life skills like how to present and carry yourself, what it means to show strong character, financial literacy and how to make a good first impression. He’s created a non-profit called Fresh Start in which he helps young adults re-entering society after incarceration, coaching on items like how to find and apply for jobs, get a driver’s license, a GED, ID and other items. Though he works full time for Dow, he is a part-time realtor where he focuses on helping the less fortunate achieve their goal of becoming a homeowner.

Passing it on

“Growing up, I had mentors who helped mold me into who I am, whether it was my mom and dad, friends, teachers, coaches who took me on and mentored me. I wanted to give back as well.”

Passion for working with youth

“Sometimes, there’s no father in the home for a young person. Not that I can be their father, but I can be a father figure … that’s where my heart is at, helping where I can.”

Different dimensions

“I try to help young people become well-rounded – spiritually, mentally, financially, emotionally. You can seek spiritual help, for example, through your church, but if you don’t have those life skills like how to manage money, fill out a resume or application, that can really hurt you. Those are things that help you get a job, create a better life for yourself. Whatever I can do to help people, that’s what I want to offer.”


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