Majoria’s evolving with fresh, grab & go meals

Will also add propane exchange

Though Majoria’s Supermarket has been a staple of the St. Charles Parish community for more than 50 years, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t evolved with the times to continue to make the shopping experience of its customers as enjoyable and fruitful as possible.

“There are some things we’re putting into motion that customers can expect after the first of the year,” said Dana Majoria, who owns the store with his brothers Barry, Shea and Marc.

The store will be adding more fresh “grab and go” meal kits where customers can quickly find a delicious meal to take home, ready-to-eat after heating. Majoria’s is also expanding its catering menu and expanding the number of items available in its deli, he notes “for people who might want to get lunch and then take home some supper items.”

Among items added are pre-made sandwiches, jambalaya and boxed microwavable red beans.

A propane exchange is also to be added in the coming months.

“There’s more to come as well, but that’s a peek at the direction we’re moving in,” Majoria said. “With the grab-and-go items, it lets our customers bring some food home to eat for dinner even if they’re just coming in to grab some lunch. We’ll have entrees you can just bring home to microwave.”

The store is also the “go-to place” for high-end bourbons at reasonable prices, he said, noting Rock Hill Farms and Elmer T. Lee among those part of the selection.

The longtime grocery store has become known for its strong party tray department and its delicious party platters.

Overstuffed finger sandwiches, great fried chicken drummettes and tenders, vegetable and fruit trays and meatballs are among the popular items one may serve at their big events via catering.  

“When someone takes a bite of our finger sandwiches they get a nice amount of meat in there. That is the Majoria difference,” said Majoria.

Other specialties that one can find at Majoria’s is a store made hogshead cheese that is Barry Majoria’s own recipe and over a dozen varieties of fresh sausage including “Cajun Rib Eye” sausage.  

“If a person likes hogshead cheese, they owe it to themselves to try ours.” Dana said. “We’ve been doing party trays for a long, long time. Our catering people have maintained the same standard of quality food through the years. Great chicken salad, finger sandwiches … it’s really been a word of mouth thing for us. We get a lot of referrals and people ordering pickups.”

Majoria said the store stresses quality above all else.

“With all our food, we have great quality control,” he said. “Everything is made fresh. We use a fair amount of product, give people value for their dollar.

“Our advantage comes down to freshness, quality ingredients and the right amount of food for the right price and a great loyal and dedicated staff of employees.”

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