Maid drained elderly couple’s bank account

Ordered to pay back $68,850, prohibited access to the elderly

A St. Rose housekeeper who pled guilty to stealing nearly $70,000 from an elderly couple will avoid a lengthy jail sentence, but is prohibited from having access to any senior citizens.

The housekeeper, 38-year-old Lilliam J. Arevalo, must also pay $68,850 in restitution to the couple.

Arevalo was arrested last December after the family tried to cash a check and was told by their bank that they had insufficient funds to do so. They researched the account and learned that there were a number of checks forged for payment in Arevalo’s name. She had worked as the couple’s housekeeper for three years. The 18 checks were all stolen and forged from April to November. Arevalo had been fired by the couple in late November after she was seen going through the woman’s purse.

Arevalo pled guilty to two counts of exploitation of the infirmed and was sentenced to 10 years in jail for each count, however the sentence was suspended. She was originally charged with 18 counts of forgery and unauthorized use of an access card as theft over $1,500 before accepting the reduced plea agreement.

Arevalo spent 162 days in prison after her arrest and was placed on probation for five years.


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