Luling woman dies soon after honeymoon in Dominican Republic

A Luling woman has died less than a week after returning from her honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, where the deaths of nine American tourists are being investigated.

Keith Williams and Susan Simoneaux were married at the Jae Flem Cafe in Boutte on May 11. The couple had been together 10 years.

Less than a week after returning from their honeymoon, Simoneaux was rushed to the hospital with fluid on her lungs.

An autopsy is planned.

The FBI is now helping to investigate the tourist deaths. The FBI is assisting with the toxicology tests of three of the nine Americans who have died in the Dominican Republic in the past year.

The U.S. Embassy announced the FBI involvement in toxicology analysis and said results might take up to 30 days.


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  1. Sad. I worked in the Dominican Republic years ago. Loved the place. The people there were very nice. Much nicer than the people were to us in Puerto Rico. Our agent warned us not to buy cheap Cuban cigars or liquor off the street. The cigars were not Cuban even though they had Cuban labels on them. The seals were not broken on the liquor bottles so they looked legitimate. What they would do is steam and peel the label back then drill a small hole in the bottle. Most of the liquor would be drained out and replaced with other liquid mixed with formaldehyde. The hole in the bottle was plugged with wax or hot glue and then recovered with the label. Best advice is to just stay away from that stuff. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

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