Krewe of Des Allemands Grand Marshals Jane and Ruby Fonseca

It’s take two for Jane and Ruby Fonseca, the grand marshals of this year’s Krewe of Des Allemands parade, after their first opportunity washed out due to weather last year.

Jane said it was disappointing to miss the chance to ride last year, and this year she can’t wait to take it all in this Sunday. This won’t be her first time riding in a parade, but it will be the first she has as royalty.

“I’ve always enjoyed riding with my kids, so I’m ready for sure,” she said. “All my kids were here last year and we kinda missed it, but we have another chance now. Usually I ride in the middle … it’ll feel very different up front.”

Jane is born and raised in Des Allemands and worked at Spahr’s Restaurant for 40 years before retiring.

She got the news while visiting her daughter. A founding member of the krewe, when she saw people involved in the parade planning arrive, she had an inkling what was to come.

“I’m thinking, ‘oh my gosh, I think I know what’s going on,’” Jane said. “I wasn’t sure and then Mitzi Tregle tells me, ‘C’mon, how many times have you made me do this stuff? Now you have to do it for me!’ So I said alright.

“They decided to give the old lady a chance,” she added with a chuckle. “I’d been out of the club for at least 12 years, so I never even expected this.”

Ruby received a similar invitation — and, not one to seek the spotlight, she actually declined at first.

“They decided to give the old lady a chance” – Jane Fonseca

“But then my great grandkids come loving up on me and asking, ‘please, please, please!’ They convinced me,” Ruby said.

Unlike Jane, Ruby has never been a parade rider before, much less parade royalty, so this two-year experience is all new to her.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to see anybody!” Ruby said. “People tell me they’ll be hollering at you … you can’t see everything because it happens so fast. (Jane) has been through it though, so I’ll have to follow her lead.”

She’s attended more than her share of Des Allemands parade runs, though.

“We always go, it’s not far from where I live,” she said. “I cook for my kids and grandkids, we walk a couple of blocks and catch it. It’ll be a different deal entirely this year, I know that. I’m looking forward to it.”

A grand ol’ time

  • The two Des Allemands natives and sister-in-laws are eager for their chance to ride this Sunday after missing out a year ago.
  • Jane Fonseca worked at Spahr’s Restaurant in Des Allemands for 40 years prior to her retirement.
  • While Jane is something of a veteran of the parade riding experience, this will be Ruby’s first opportunity to ride in a parade.


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