HHS grad first to receive LJB Legal Injury and Disability Scholarship

In recognition of resilience and determination, Mallory Whitaker, a 2024 graduate of Hahnville High School, has been awarded the first annual LJB Legal Injury and Disability Scholarship.

This scholarship was established by local injury and disability attorney Loyd J Bourgeois to support students affected by disability or serious injury, either personally or through a loved one.

“Every day our team witnesses the profound impact that disabilities and/or serious injuries have on our clients and their loved ones,” said Bourgeois, founder of Loyd J Bourgeois Accident and Injury Lawyers.  “We are proud to support resilient students like Mallory Whitaker through the LJB Legal Injury and Disability Scholarship. Her strength and determination in the face of adversity are truly inspiring. We believe in the power of education to transform lives, and this scholarship is our way of helping dedicated young individuals achieve their dreams despite the challenges they face.”

Mallory, a dedicated student-athlete, has committed to the University of Central Arkansas for Track and Field, specializing in pole vault. Her impressive athletic achievements include setting a school record of 11’9” for pole vault, placing fourth in pole vault and fifth in high jump at the state meet, placing second in pole vault and high jump at the regional meet, and placing first in pole vault and second in high jump at the district meet.

Mallory Whitaker

Beyond her athletic prowess, Mallory has shown leadership and involvement in her school community. She was a maid of honor on the homecoming court and a member of the swim team. Her commitment to excellence extends to her academic and personal life, where she has faced significant family challenges.

In her scholarship essay, she shared her family’s journey through her sister’s battle with an inoperable brain tumor and hydrocephalus. Olivia Whitaker’s condition has required numerous surgeries, including treatments far from home. Mallory’s essay highlighted the emotional and logistical challenges her family endured and how these experiences shaped her into a more responsible and resilient individual.

She took on responsibilities beyond her years, balancing work, school, training, and household duties.

Mallory plans to pursue a degree in radiologic sciences at the University of Central Arkansas, driven by her experiences and desire to contribute to the medical field.

The LJB Legal Injury and Disability Scholarship awards $2,000 to support the recipient’s higher education journey. This amount is disbursed as $250 per semester for up to eight semesters, ensuring sustained support throughout the student’s academic career.

Bourgeois established this scholarship to recognize the profound impact of disability and serious injury on individuals and their families. It is designed to honor the strength and perseverance of students like Mallory, who face significant challenges and emerge stronger and more determined.

For more information about the scholarship, please visit LJBLegal.com.