HHS grad called leader among peers by principal

Mark Blay Jr.

Hahnville High School Principal Jose Gonzales refers to recent graduate Mark Blay Jr. as a leader among his peers, and, for the once quiet Blay, that’s a characterization he’s honored by.

“Coming into high school I was a rather quiet and shy kid after COVID but as the years went on I began to involve myself in more clubs and organizations and come out of my shell,” Blay said. “Although I never held positions in office I consider myself a leader by recruiting others to certain clubs and organizations.”

Blay also leads on the tennis court and by helping to record hype videos for the football and cross country teams. He also became a pep rally MC along with fellow classmate Keegan Cantrelle.

Blay said being a leader has always been about being himself.

“I set aside all judgement, assess situations and bring forth the best insight I can provide to the table,” he said. “I deal with my frustrations and keep it moving, without determination and desire to see myself and all those around me succeed I would not be graduating high school and I would not have to honor of being called a leader. I often have the mindset of keeping the ball rolling, there isn’t a road block I feel can stop you until you give up. I’ve often put myself out there for some challenges as well.

“But most importantly I stay true to who I am. I’ve never changed myself for anyone or anything and everything that others see from me is who I truly am.”

Blay’s favorite subjects in school are Spanish, science and history/social studies. He feels like he excels the most in science because it’s something that’s always come natural to him. He was also a member of the Beta and National Honors Societies, Student Council, Future Business Leaders of America, Spanish Honor Society, the Equity Committee and the Hahnville football film crew.

That’s not all. Blay also played tennis for four years, ran cross country for a year and even participated as a powerlifter.

“I enjoyed tennis the most because of the people it connected me with,” he said. “From day one all of the members were so friendly and supportive, I felt like I always had a home on the tennis court. I truly love them all and am so proud that I was a part of the team every single year.”

Blay called his experience at Hahnville an amazing one.

“I know a lot of students are Debbie downers when it comes to Hahnville but we are truly privileged to be at a school with high-quality facilities, faculty and staff who truly care about us,” he said. “I have lots of teachers who served as role models – Ms. Corzo, Mr. Normand, Mr and Mrs. Crochet, Mrs. Cannciene, Mrs. Kilcrease, Ms. Rodriguez – and several more people. I seriously can go on and on. I also have several friends I will keep in touch with for many years throughout our life and future success.”

Blay plans to attend LSU as a pre-medicine biology major, then attend a medical school to become a board certified surgical and cosmetic dermatologist.