Herald-Guide’s $1 Children’s Christmas Fund makes season brighter for families in need

A new holiday tradition is born

The children of St. Charles Parish donated $140.50 to the Herald-Guide’s first annual $1 Children’s Christmas Fund.

And because Louisiana Publishing, the Herald-Guide’s parent company, matched contributions dollar for dollar, we were able to give $281.00 to the Children’s Advocacy Center, a recognized charity that used the money to make Christmas brighter for local families whose prospects without help were grim.

“The dollars just kept coming day after day, and we couldn’t be happier with the result,” said Herald-Guide editor Derek Clontz of the new holiday tradition.

“The $1 Children’s Christmas Fund isn’t intended to rake in millions – we’re leaving that to the ‘big charities’ that pressure and cajole and beg and wheedle you to give and give and give.

“Instead, we wanted to provide children, regardless of how wealthy or poor their families are, with a chance to donate to a good cause – other children – and to share equally in the giving.

“We capped donations at $1 for a reason. We wanted each child to feel deep down inside that the dollar he or she sent was just as important as the dollar every other child sent.

“Nobody helped more than anybody else. And the kids who participated can, indeed, feel 10 feet tall today knowing that their act of kindness was appreciated if not monumental.

“Here at the Herald-Guide, we want all the kids to know that they helped desperately needy families by putting a few toys under the tree and a Christmas dinner on the table.

“And that act of love is something they can carry with them, in their hearts, for the rest of their lives.

“That’s why everyone who participated in the $1 Children’s Christmas Fund is a hands-down winner.

“Happy New Year!”


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