Everybody’s rooting for Kyle at Hahnville High

I remember Kyle in my freshman-experience class. He was always smiling, extremely caring, and dedicated to his friends. That’s not to say I was close to Kyle. I wasn’t, at least not like many of our classmates were. But in hearing about his struggles I feel I am right there with him fighting this battle.

I think that is how a lot of us feel, because when we hear updates on Kyle’s health we, as the senior class, breathe a sigh of relief, because we know he’s still fighting.
When his twin brother, Logan, makes announcements in the mornings for blood donations, or a penny drive, it seems like the whole world stops, hoping to hear that Kyle has miraculously recovered.

I think that’s probably the only time students actually listen to the announcements, because we are all a part of this, and have been since the first announcement that Kyle had been diagnosed with cancer.

I have to say I am proud to go to school with such a compassionate group of young people. After the Herald-Guide published a front-page story on Kyle’s condition in last week’s issue, many people around our school became aware of how serious this it is for Kyle and his family. And I can honestly say that people were concerned about what they could do to help his family and Kyle. There is talk off a scrapbook of pictures and letters for Kyle from various members of our student body in order to remember the great times we all shared with such an inspiring person. After hearing his story, teachers who didn’t even know Kyle became as involved as people who have known him for years because they could see how difficult his struggle has been. We all have hope in Kyle. I have yet to hear anyone say anything but good things about him,  and I think that is what will heal him. We are all on Kyle’s side and without him we would all feel a great loss.


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