Crime thriller shot in Norco

Local eagle-eyed viewers of the “Semper Fi” movie when it debuts may catch a glimpse of something familiar – Norco.

It’s a dilapidated house behind Guillory’s Body Shop at 701 Good Hope St., and more surprisingly it’s actually been in three movies, according to shop owner Ronald Guillory.

“Semper Fi” representatives scouted the location earlier then showed up with a film crew last Tuesday, Guillory said. He recounted watching the scene when the movie’s star, Jai Courtney of “Divergent” movie fame, drives around his shop to the house, knocks on the door and a woman comes out.

They shot the scene and then gathered their equipment around 11:30 p.m. that night and left.

Guillory has no idea why the location is now in three movies, recounting earlier flicks “Seeking Justice” with Nicholas Cage and “Texas Killing Fields” starring Sam Worthington.

Nearby, at Mayeux’s AC and Heating Inc., 650 St. Charles St., also in Norco, the production crew’s catering trucks were set up on about a half-block sized lot.

Owner Dianne Mayeux said she was approached by a member of the crew who asked her to use the area for catering trucks and named the movie. Two catering trucks parked on the site with people cooking all day and then they were gone.

“They were kind of in and out,” Mayeux said. “We didn’t even know they were around other than the big tent.”

She didn’t see the actors, but she wished they had stayed a little longer.

“We would have liked them to stick around a little longer for the thrill of it,” Mayeux said. “I guess they had other places to go.”


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