Cammon students resolve to clean up spillway

Brennan Binnings saw a job that needed to be done.

The Albert Cammon Middle School seventh grader had just been to the Bonnet Carre Spillway with his Boy Scouts troop to clean up the area, but even after several hours, the job wasn’t close to done.  

“There was loads of trash, so much that we couldn’t pick it all up,” Binnings said.  

So Binnings gave his friend and Cammon classmate Jonathan Martinez a shout and together the two returned to the spillway to try to put more of a dent into that clean-up project. After nearly three hours and seven giant bags of trash disposed of later, the two could go home feeling they’d made a difference.

“I just thought, ‘that bridge area needs cleaning,’” Binnings said. “We found some black tarps that were stuck in the road. The main reason was just to help the community and also to help my friend.”

It was an assist to Martinez in that he was looking for an avenue to complete his service hours requirement for the Cammon Beta Club, and the suggestion offered just that.  

“I thought it was a great idea. There was a lot of trash and we collected plenty of it,” Martinez said. “It felt good to help out and I’d definitely like to find other ways to do that in the future.”
Binnings had already wrapped up his service hours requirements for Beta via his efforts with the scouts, but he decided it was no time to rest.  

They noted that while the two were hard at work, a Sheriff’s Office deputy approached them to offer some kind words of appreciation, noticing their efforts.  

‘“That definitely made me feel good,” Binnings said. “It made me feel pretty proud of myself,” he said.

Others are proud too.  

“Brennan’s a good kid, and Jonathan’s a good kid,” said Binnings’ mother Karen. “I’m very proud … (Brennan) always takes initiative and plans things out like this to do. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future for both of them because I know they’ll be behind a lot of good things.” 


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