Brother turned in Norco fugitives

Said neighbors accused family of harboring them

Kaleb Perilloux was en route to pick up his brother and a friend in Prairieville last Thursday when he learned the two were fugitives wanted by the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Perilloux did pick them up, learned they were fugitives and then brought them to the Sheriff’s Office.

“We all don’t condone his actions and this is on him,” Perilloux said of his younger brother, Jordan Perilloux, who was wanted by the law. “This should not be brought on our family.”

Perilloux was wanted along with Brenden Silvestri, both of Norco, in connection with the alleged illegal discharging of a firearm in a residence and aggravated criminal damage to property on Sept. 22 in Norco.

Warrants were issued the next day for the two and the Sheriff’s Office issued an alert asking for information on their whereabouts.

Silvestri, 17, of 47 West B. St., was charged with two counts of illegal use of a weapon, one count of aggravated criminal damage to property, possession of a stolen firearm, distribution of marijuana, possession and distribution of a “legend” drug, possession and distribution of counterfeit controlled dangerous substance and use of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance.

Perilloux, 18, of 615 West B. St., was charged with one count of aggravated criminal damage and one count of illegal use of a weapon.

By this time, the two were fugitives, but soon after called Kaleb to pick them up.

“I had no clue of what they did,” Kaleb, also a Norco resident, said.

Then everything started happening at once when he got calls that detectives were at their mother’s residence looking for the two. The Sheriff’s Office had issued an alert declaring the two fugitives on Sept. 24 and neighbors were banging on their mother’s door accusing her of being a bad parent and harboring a fugitive.

“We had neighbors knocking on the door and saying what a horrible family we are,” Kaleb said. He said the neighbors accused his mother of bad parenting and harboring fugitives even though Perilloux no longer lived there. “This is destroying our mother.”

s of Sept. 25, Silvestri was being held on $150,000 bond and Perilloux on $10,000 in the Nelson Coleman Correctional Center.

“Jordan’s a free spirit – he jumps from place to place,” Kaleb said. “I’m just trying to protect my family and their reputation.”


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