Auto burglaries remain on rise in SCP, Sheriff advises to ‘lock it up’

With auto burglaries on the rise in St. Charles Parish, Sheriff Greg Champagne is advising residents to be alert and lock the doors.

“We are seeing an uptick in auto burglaries St. Charles Parish,” Champagne said on his Facebook page this week.  “Deputies have made arrests in some cases, but there seems to be no shortage of young thieves who feel they are entitled to your belongings. Please be alert and lock those doors.”

According to the sheriff, vehicles have been recently robbed even in industrial parking lots with private security. Champagne said the biggest deterrent is not leaving valuables in vehicles and vigilance.

Several vehicle burglaries were committed in St. Rose, Norco and Destrehan all in the same day on May 26, according to Sheriff’s news releases.

On May 29, Champagne said two suspects were spotted in the Nottaway Drive area of Ormond pulling on door handles attempting to break into automobiles. Deputies set up a perimeter and within two hours detained the perpetrators.In March, he also posted a report on increased auto burglaries.

Champagne said there were five car burglaries in Hahnville, one on Acorn Street and four on Nicholas Street in March. Another three vehicle burglaries occurred in Luling, one on Terri Drive in Mimosa Park and two on Mimosa Avenue, as well as one on Schexnaydre Lane in Destrehan.

In January, the parish had 15 vehicle burglaries in Destrehan on River Village Drive, River Point Drive and Ormond Meadows Drive.

Nearly all these crimes involved unlocked vehicles. “Let me emphasize we don’t blame the owners of vehicles that leave cars unlocked with valuable things left inside,” Champagne posted on Facebook.

“We want to educate them.” Champagne said he wants everyone to understand this crime is preventable, if owners would just lock their car doors every time they exit them.These crimes are typically done by juveniles with what he described as “little or no parental supervision.”

If citizens get in the habit of locking their vehicle doors it would be a helpful step in “deterring” this crime.

The sheriff concludes he believes the vast majority of St. Charles Parish residents do lock their vehicle doors. Unfortunately, some still do not and that makes this a profitable crime for area juvenile delinquents.

“Help us help you,” Champagne said. “Lock it up.”


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