Ama family says Fabre should apologize for misleading brochure

The Landry family wants Councilman Brian Fabre to apologize for using a photo in his brochures that suggest they are in support of his political campaign.Fabre is a candidate for councilman-at-large Division B.

Rhonda Landry and her family were notified, Oct. 3, about a brochure that was circulating throughout St. Charles Parish featuring a picture of her son LaRon Landry, who plays professional football, being presented a plaque for his football accomplishments at a St. Charles Parish council meeting.

“When I found out about the picture being part of this brochure, I was upset because Brian didn’t ask our family’s permission to use the photo,” Landry said. “My family’s political views are a private matter. As a parish employee, I’m not allowed to endorse any political candidate.”

Landry says the picture has nothing to do with politics.

“Futhermore, another councilman approached us about LaRon getting the award from the parish, not Brian Fabre,” she said. “I just want the public to know that we have nothing to do with his campaign and we are not endorsing him.”

New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees faced similar circumstances in 2006.

Brees asked his mother to stop using his picture in TV commercials touting her candidacy for a Texas appeals court.

In commercials running on Austin stations, Mina Brees had been using a picture of her son in the uniform of his former team, the San Diego Chargers, to emphasize her ties to football.

“I will put a letter of apology together explaining to the public that the Landry’s are not endorsing my political campaign,” Fabre said

Fabre says his intention was to show that he was just doing his job.

“When the company that laid out my brochure sent it to me, I was under the impression they had gotten the family’s permission to use the photo in the brochure,” he said. “They sent me a proof, and I told them okay, so they printed it.”



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