All Kinds of Finds By Karen offers a color for every job

Today’s home is blossoming in color and creativity, which Karen Guillot considers especially good timing for homeowners who want make the move and revive old cabinets with her kind of new look.

All Kinds of Finds by Karen is a local provider of Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan, the acclaimed DIY paint that’s easy to use in makeovers of furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, home décor and more.

“It’s something that everybody wants to do now,” said store owners Karen and Lloyd “Boyo” Guillot. The Luling store showcases some of the work, as well as how to use this high-quality paint.

Chalk Paint offers the option of saving those solid custom cabinets beautifully, Karen said. It can be applied to multiple surfaces including wood, metal, cloth, concrete or even laminate. The paint is self-priming and dries in 30 minutes or less.

“They can get a custom look and keep their custom cabinets,” she said. “They can use a color straight off the shelf, but depending on their technique it can be one of a kind. The possibilities are endless because custom colors can be created.”

The paint is popular because the colors are welcoming, as well as can be mixed to provide custom looks such as distressed or aged with dark wax. A smooth finish is possible, too.

“Bold colors are in now, but everything is eclectic,” Karen said of the 32 colors available to cater to every eye. “People just find their style.”


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