Youth experience Hands-on Learning at 4-H Project Day

Eager to learn about 4-H curriculum project areas, 4-H members from throughout St. Charles Parish gathered to participate in FUNshops and contests to gain knowledge through hands-on learning activities at the annual 4-H Project Day, which was held at R.K. Smith Middle School.

Members exhibited their knowledge of cooking and nutrition by bringing personally prepared dishes for the seafood and beef cookery contests. Some members demonstrated their artistic ability by designing promotional posters for the beef poster contest. Other members displayed their knowledge of the environment by competing in the leaf, insect and backyard collections contests. Some members developed their public speaking skills by participating in public speaking contests. Some learned how to set a table and conduct themselves during an interview by competing in the good grooming contest.

Members also participated in the Consumer Foods Judging Contests, where youth ranked food items from healthiest to least healthy upon considering a given situation. Others learned the value of conscious spending by participating in the Rags-to-Riches contest where members bought and modeled an outfit that they bought from a thrift store without exceeding a $20.00 budget.

In addition to competing in contests, 4-H members participated in FUNshops, educational and entertaining workshops conducted by LSU AgCenter employees and members of the St. Charles Parish 4-H Junior Leader Club. The following FUNshops were conducted: Healthy Living by Cassidy Lewis, Wetlands education by State 4-H President Mary Johns, Wetlands Gardening by Ebony Hardy and Ra’Janae Morris, Archery by Mr. Jonas Augustine, Fishing Sports by Tate Roussel and Distracted Driving by State 4-H Citizenship Board members Breoin Brumfield and Tate Roussel.

New to St. Charles Parish 4-H this year is the 4-H Clover Bud program. 4-H Clover Bud members (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) participated in the Clover Buds FUNshop conducted by Mrs. Andi Alday, where they learned about MyPlate, leaf identification, and good grooming.

4-H members were later entertained by the 4-H PAC (Performing Arts Club). Members then watched fellow 4-H’ers in the Rags-to-Riches Fashion Show, which was followed by the awards presentation.

Three 4-H clubs were also recognized at 4-H Project Day for their generous contribution of new toys and canned goods to United Way of St. Charles. The three clubs who collected the most items are as follows: 1st place – R. J. Vial Elementary, 2nd place – Ethel Schoeffner Elementary, and 3rd place – Lakewood Elementary. Toys and non-perishable food items were donated to help unfortunate families within the community during this holiday season.

For more information on becoming involved in 4-H, please contact Kali Zammit at 985-785-4473 or via email at


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