Wines that please the palette and pocketbook

Wines that please the palette and pocketbook.
Wines that please the palette and pocketbook.

With its increasing appeal to Millennials, the health benefits it offers and emerging markets producing excellent and affordable vintages, wine is appealing to more people now than ever before.

Majoria’s Supermarket in Boutte highlights five wines that not only taste good, but sell for $20 or less.

They include five California wines: Folie a’ Deux, Meiomi, Picket Fence, Joel Gott 815 and Napa Cellars.

“It’s a trend,” said Dana Majoria, who owns the store with his brothers Barry, Shea and Marc, of an increasing number of wine drinkers. “Everybody’s different so all customers are different, but fall into a few categories.”

Those categories include the multiple day drinker who likes a glass of wine in the evening and wants a reasonably priced but good quality wine, and people who want the best wine they can find regardless of the price.

And you have the occasional wine drinker who may fall into both categories.

“The key to it is having good quality wine,” Dana said. [pullquote]“The key to it is having good quality wine.” – Dana Majoria[/pullquote]

Today’s customers typically come to the store ready to buy.

They use the Internet to research types of wine, reviews and price ranges, Dana said. This is especially true of Millennials, who grew up with computers and the Internet.

Shoppers narrow the choices and come to the store for advice, he said. The goal is to provide a convenient and pleasant shopping experience that includes locating an excellent bottle of wine for the customer in 10 minutes or less.

Also, Dana said Majoria’s expanded offerings in wine and food are aimed at providing a better shopping experience than “going to the city,” and at more affordable prices.

Shea Majoria, who helps direct the store’s wine selection, said 80 percent of the wines sold there are red, blends, pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon. Of the pinot noir line they sell, he said La Crema is the top seller. Of the cabinet sauvignon sold there, he said Joel Gott is the top sought wine.

“I’ve become the public relations guy in the wine department,” Shea said.

Selling wine is a relationship, which he said is based on learning the wines and helping customers get the ones that work with their palette. If they want to buy 10 bottles of wine to taste, they get a 10 percent discount, he added.

“Our wine customers have that relationship with me and ask what I think about a wine,” Shea said. “We can help people build confidence in the store and they know that they will always get an honest opinion.”


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