The Silver Girls rock

It was Kathryn Caulking France’s turn to host the monthly gathering of Silver Girls and since they were celebrating 50 years of togetherness, she wanted it to be a special standout party.

She opted for a 50s theme and made poodle skirts for each of the 12 members plus an embroidered and framed “Friends are Flowers that never Fade” and vintage artwork on a cosmetics bag filled with assorted candies.

The scene was set at a long table at Occasions Restaurant in Luling with malt shop signs, hamburgers and french fries as the Thursday night order. If this wasn’t enough, France had her husband dress as Elvis to surprise the girls, complete with a Thunderbird Emblem on his shirt that France also made.

The Silver Girls is a social and support group formed in 1961 by a mix of friends who originated from the Gretna area. Fifty years later, the group still gets together monthly – usually at each others’ homes – to eat, gossip and keep up with their lives.

“They have been a wonderful support system and a major influence in the lives of each other,” said member Helen Williams. “The group has hung together through marriages, childbirths, divorces, re-marriages, the loss of parents, husbands, and sadly, the loss of an adult child.”

The Silver Girls lineup today includes: Bobby Covell Adams, Barbara Thibodeaux Bieber, Dolores Macalusa Cardon, Sally Evans Church, Gene Ann Talbot Dragna, Cindy Blanchard Falterman, Lulu Ribaul Greene, Brenda Hingle, Judy Staples Keller, Linda Ehret LaBorde, Mary Helen Williams, and Kathryn Caulking France. Both France and Church live in Willowdale.


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