St. Charles man goes Hollywood

By Jennifer Nall

And get this – Gary Dauphin’s new TV show might be shot in Hahnville

BOUTTE – Gary Dauphin will serve as executive producer for a new television drama that will start out being filmed in New Orleans but might soon be shot in Hahnville.

While most of the scenes are going to be filmed at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in the Big Easy, Dauphin is in talks that could lead to shooting at a residence off River Road.

“I’m a creative spirit and I had an idea about a show after Hurrican Katrina,” says Dauphin, who’s called St. Charles Parish home for 20 years and calls his new show, “Rouge.”

The show centers around the fictional Chateau Rouge Hotel, with filming set to start at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in New Orleans.

The hotel will serve as the backdrop of the characters lives, many of whom are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

The story centers on ex-FBI agent Cherise Angele who resigns from the FBI after Katrina and takes a position as general manager of the “Rouge” hotel.

Katrina related themes resonate throughout the show. One of the characters on the show lost her entire family in the hurricane.

This will be Dauphin’s first project as an executive producer, who has only been involved in the film industry for about a year.

Dauphin says the whole cast of “Rouge” is Louisiana residents and actors.

In addition to the cast, the creative staff and production staff are all South Louisiana residents.

Dauphin expresses the importance of the film industry in Louisiana. “It is one of the economic drivers to bring New Orleans back.”

“The film industry is thriving,” Dauphin adds.

This is an opportunity for locals to stay in their hometown, according to Dauphin. He points out that if someone is interested in getting into the production end of films, local film schools and programs, such as UNO, Loyola, and Tulane, are the place to get a start.

“Rouge” is slated for a spring 2007 release and they are currently in talks with networks.


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