School Board makes changes to absence, suspension policies

During the meeting on Feb. 24, the School Board instituted a change in the excused absence and out-of-school suspension policies for the district.

In accordance with a change at the state level, the district will now allow up to five days of excused absences for children of active-duty military who are on leave or who are about to be deployed.

“State legislators recognized that it would be appropriate to honor our military people by providing that connection with their children,” said Frederick Treuting, administrator of student and community services for the district.

Treuting said that the change was due to changes in the entire state, not from any issue that ever occurred in St. Charles Parish.

“I am not aware of the fact that we ever had a request for a child to be excused because of a parent being on leave or going into deployment, but I would suspect that all of our principals would have made it excused,” he said.

Also discussed was a change to out-of-school suspension in which students will now be required to make-up any work missed during the absence.

“Once upon a time, if a student was suspended they got no credit for their work. It was part of the consequence for the violation,” Treuting said. “The state legislature has said that we can’t take this idea of not holding students responsible and in affect giving them a vacation. It has been (St. Charles Parish’s) practice to assign kids work when they were suspended.”


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