Sacred Heart Church celebrates 50 years

By Lea Trusty

Many churches are not fortunate enough to last 50 years in a community, whether it be because of financial issues or lack of response from the community. Sacred Heart of Jesus is not one of those churches.On June 28, 2009, the church celebrated its 50th anniversary, with activities from 2008 leading up to the special day.

When asked how the church remained in St. Charles Parish for so long, the church’s secretary, Earline Brady, gave a simple, yet strong explanation.

“We just have a very close community that’s built on deep faith.”

Several of the church’s supporters from 50 years ago are still here, helping us to continue our spiritual journey. It’s just a really nice church, and a nice school, for people to come together, which is why I think it’s lasted so long.”

To mark the grand occasion, the church began different activities last year. In September, the church held a fun-filled family day, and in October, they hosted a living rosary.

Of February of 2009, there was a festive wedding celebration for all married couples of the community; in April, they celebrated the 30th anniversary of the new church building after Hurricane Betsy damaged the original; and in May, the Sacred Heart of Jesus school held a Golden Gathering, a celebration for all alumni, parents, family, and friends to attend and enjoy.

On the actual anniversary, the church had Mass as usual, but invited all past pastors and associates of the church to attend and celebrate.

Although their present pastor was unable to speak because of back injury, he was still able to attend the memorable service.

Though the church has progressed over the years, from the new building to a larger number of attendees, if there’s one thing that’s stayed the same, it’s the faith.

“It’s always been and always will be a close-knit parish. The people have such an enduring faith and devotion to God, no matter what comes about. And perhaps one of the greatest thing the church has done is create a certain unity between its members; we are always there for each other,” says Earline.

The church would like a few changes in the near future, such as seeing their school grow in the number of students they receive.

“But mainly,” says Earline, “We hope and plan to focus on growing spiritually as a church and community, in order to essentially build a greater Kingdom of God in the world.”


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