Montz preschooler diagnosed with leukemia

Carson Landry is the son of Raymond and Paige Landry of Montz.

Paige Landry was packing for a beach trip when she got a phone call that has forever changed the lives of her family.

“We think Carson has leukemia and needs to go to the hospital ASAP,” Landry heard on the other end of the phone.

Her 3-year-old son Carson was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) the next day. The diagnosis came after weeks of speculation.

“Long story short – never ever ignore your mom gut,” Landry, a Montz resident, said, adding that Carson started with scattered bruising a few weeks prior to the diagnosis.

“But he’s a rough 3-year-old little boy, right?” she said. “So I blew it off, but kept monitoring.”

She later decided to bring Carson into the pediatrician for testing, and from there a diagnosis was determined and treatment plan was developed. Initially Carson was slated for a month of inpatient care, but after two weeks he was able to return home and receive outpatient treatments.

“Carson will be going into the clinic weekly to receive labs, chemo and blood products,” Landry said. “The first six months are the most intense, with hopes to achieve remission within the first one to two months. Once this is done, that’s only half the battle. He will continue clinic visits and chemo for one to three years with the hopes of being completely healed and cancer free. With God, we know this is possible.”

Landry said from the moment friends, family and community members heard of the diagnosis, there has been a huge wave of support for the entire family.

“The prayers, love and support of the community during this time is what will get us through this,” Landry said. “The River Parishes is unlike no other. From a simple text, to dinner delivered to Children’s Hospital, to random strangers reaching out – at times the support has left me speechless. We are forever grateful.”

Friends and family members organized a blood drive for Carson. The goal was 50 blood donors, but that number reached closer to 150 once the day was over.

“Carson’s attitude everyday has been ‘Let’s rock out, Mom!’ Landry said. “He has adjusted to this new norm like a champ. At this time we are thankful his body is tolerating treatment so that he can continue to enjoy doing what he loves most – riding the tractor, golf cart and his four wheeler. During the time in the hospital he remained in good spirits joking with the nurses, playing in the playroom and taking walks in the wagon with his daddy.”

Landry said Carson and his family are hopeful that he can return to school sooner than later.

“The timeline is to be determined,” Landry said. “Mrs. Poulos and St. Joan of Arc have been extremely supportive with this and we are so thankful. Please continue to pray his body handles the treatment like the strong boy he is. The treatment team nick named him ‘Tonka’ because he is one tough little boy.”


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