DHS grad focused on taking as many opportunities as possible in high school

Destrehan High Senior Kiley Posey made it an intentional habit while in high school to fill her calendar up with as many opportunities for new experiences and meeting new people as she could.

The list of the clubs and organizations Posey, 17, belonged to in high school reads almost like a telephone directory – there’s a lot of them. She was a member of the National English Honor Society, Anime Club, Korean Culture Club, Color Guard, Winter Guard, Debate Club, Talented Music, National Beta Club, and the Wildcats Interested in Saving The Environment group, which is an environmental-focused service organization.

Being involved in so many varied organizations and activities, Posey said most of the people she got to know in high school think of her in different contexts based on where and how she first met them.

“It’s so funny to me that everyone knows me from a different place,” she observed after being active in so many organizations. “You can be in a room with all these people and have different experiences with all of them when you really diversity your social life. [Being involved in] different activities allows you to branch out and meet different people, and I’m very thankful for that.”

Posey was able to bag multiple college credits at Destrehan High by taking four Advanced Placement (AP) classes including Human Geography, Environmental Science, Psychology and US History, along with Dual Enrollment English, Chemisty and Biology classes. The graduating senior didn’t stop there; she decided to get started on her future medical career by taking additional medical courses.

“I recently completed a 26-credit course to get my certified clinical medical assistant,” she said proudly. “I’m now certified to work in a hospital as a certified medical assistant.”

In recognition of her hard work and achievements, Posey was awarded three scholarships, including the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Scholarship, the St. Matthew’s Baptist Church Scholarship, and the St. Charles Women’s Club Scholarship. During her time at Destrehan High she was also awarded the Loyalty, Leadership, and Service Award from Destrehan High School.

Posey plans to spend part of this summer at the New Wine Fellowship Children’s Summer Camp, a camp she has already racked up over 350 volunteer hours in from prior years.

“I go back each year and I work and volunteer,” she said. “That’s something I do every summer, and I look forward to it.”

She also plans to intern at a local hospital this summer, continuing her preparation for her medical career. Posey will attend Southeastern Louisiana University in the fall, and intends to pursue a career in health care with a focus on mental health, once she graduates college there.

Posey wanted to give a piece of her own personal philosophy regarding taking advantage of everyday life opportunities to the incoming Fall Destrehan High freshmen class.

“Every opportunity you get, go for it,” she said. “Go for every scholarship that you can apply to…I ended up winning three scholarships just from applying and meeting the deadlines for each opportunity.”

As the sun sets on her high school career and rises on the rest of her life, Posey said she had a specific image she would like the Destrehan High Class of 2023 to remember her by.

“I want to be remembered as someone who put a smile on your face,” Posey said. “In every realm you’re going to be remembered for something, and it might not be what you said, but it’s going to be how you made someone feel… I want to be that person who gets remembered as ‘she was just so nice’ or ‘she was just so funny’ or ‘she made me feel this way in a positive way,’ it’s just telling of your character.”


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