College friends reunite 70 years later at care facility

Jean Day Elliott and Fredie Terral Seab shown in college and at Ashton Manor Assisted Living and Memory Care in Luling.

Jean Day Elliott and Fredie Terral Seab are once again side by side – their friendship that started over 70 years ago at Louisiana College has been reignited at Ashton Manor Assisted Living and Memory Care in Luling.

The two women first met while Elliott was a freshman and Seab was a junior at the Pineville college. They worked side by side in the college cafeteria.

“It was family-style cafeteria, and we got our room and board paid because we worked there,” Seab said.

The two acquaintances lost touch after Seab graduated, and each woman went on to marry and raise a family.

In fact, another person that Elliott met while working at the cafeteria went on to play a staring role in her life.

“Fredie and I were both waitresses and he was a dishwasher,” Elliott said of Leroy, who she eventually married. “He wore a striped denim apron and stood in the doorway when he asked me for our first date … he was waiting for the dishes.”

Elliott said she took Leroy up on his offer, and the rest was history.

“I teased him when we were getting married,” Elliott said laughing. “I told him, ‘I’m going to keep you washing dishes forever.’”

Elliott was the first to move into Ashton Manor in July of 2019, and Seab followed in December of the same year.

Their rooms are side by side.

“I was shocked,” Elliott said of learning Seab was her neighbor. “She heard my name and that’s when we made the connection. I didn’t know it was her right away …. we’ve both changed over 70 years.”

Ashton Manor’s Activities Director Trudy Lopez said the friends rediscovering each other was extremely special.

“How rewarding a moment to discover two beautiful ladies had found each other so many years later,” she said. “These are the priceless moments that keep my job so fulfilling. You just never know what’s around the corner.”

When Seab got out her college yearbook, the two women discovered a cafeteria photo that pictured them – sitting side by side.

“She’s a very warm and sweet lady … I’m glad I’m getting to know her better,” Elliott said of Seab. “It’s really special that I have someone that I can talk to about college days and share news about college friends. It’s special.”

And while Elliott fills her days with writing and Seab fills hers with family genealogy projects, the two women said they are enjoying growing closer.

“It’s been very enjoyable,” Seab said of their time together. “We have 70 years of catching up to do.”


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