Presidential pen pal: St. Rose teen reaches out, finds response from Obama

Roger Scott knew it was a longshot that his letter to President Barack Obama would garner a response, but he went for it nonetheless. Today, he’s glad he did.

Scott stands as one of the select few who can credibly refer to the President of the Unites States as his pen pal, after Obama wrote back to the 15-year-old from St. Rose.

Scott received the correspondence three weeks ago and has been charged up about it ever since.

“I was just reaching out for a chance,” Scott said. “He’s one of my greatest inspirations. I knew it was a possibility … a small possibility, but still a possibility. I had no expectation.”

Scott’s mother, Rhea, was equally thrilled.

“When we opened the letter and saw it came from the White House … just, wow,” she said.

Scott said he let the President know through his letter how much he admired his commitment to the country since the beginning of Obama’s first campaign.

“His charisma, the way he communicates with people, it’s something I admire greatly,” Scott said.

Scott said he was “speechless” when he received Obama’s letter, noting he understood his own letter to the President was simply one of a great many.

“I figured, maybe he gets to 10 a day, if even that,” Scott said. “Then I got the letter in the mail, first class, and I was kind of in disbelief. He talked about what he’s trying to accomplish for our country and he was thankful for the support.”

Rhea noted her son had written to Obama before without his official response, but that Roger never gave up.

“He’d get e-mails from his staff saying the President was busy with a lot on his plate, but that he understood (Roger’s) concerns and thoughts,” Rhea said.

She said the President credited Roger for having concerns about problems not generally at the forefront of young minds.

“From when he was two-years-old, I could tell there was going to be something special about my son,” Rhea said. “He’s not like the average child. I have to tell him to get outside and find time for his friends. He likes to stay in and watch CNN. And when he leaves, he lives in the library.

He loves to read.

“I support everything he does 100 percent. He doesn’t let obstacles stand in his way.”

She said that along with the letter were some other keepsakes, including pictures of the President and his family and a blueprint of the White House. She also said Obama offered Roger the opportunity to tour the White House at an upcoming time.

“I’ll never forget opening the mail on July 7, for sure,” Roger said.


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