Ormond Plantation ranks among most haunted

Ormond Plantation’s dark history with a slave uprising and bloody retaliation has generated mysterious tales in this life and the next.There are reports dating back to the early 1880’s of dark figures seen on the estate. Ormond staff say a man in 19th century dress have seen a man on the premises, and a young woman in an pstairs room, which was reportedly filmed by Louisiana Spirits Paranormal Investigations.

Ormond Plantation has ranked fourth among the 10 Most Haunted Places in New Orleans Plantation Country.

In 1798, when plantation owner Pierre d’Trepagnier left his family meal to meet with a supposed government official, he never returned. No trace of him has ever been found.

Two other owners met similar strange and odd deaths, which has lent to stories about the homestead’s supposed ghostly resident. Col. Richard Butler, who renamed the plantation “Ormond” after his ancestral home “Castle Ormonde” in Ireland, later sold the site and both he and his wife died of yellow fever.

In 1898, Ormond was bought by State Sen. Basile LaPlace Jr. Nearly 100 years later, like d’Tregagnier, LaPlace was called away from his family dinner table and did not return. His bullet-riddled body was found hanging near the front drive.

Some blame these deaths on a curse reportedly placed on the plantation by the leader of the slaving uprising against d’Trepagnier.

Ormond Plantation is considered one of the first great plantations on River Road. Both Ormond and Destrehan plantations produced indigo at one time.


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