Luling singer eagerly awaits national debut on ‘American Idol’

Says keeping results a secret has been hardest part

St. Charles Parish residents might see a familiar face while tuning in to Thursday’s New Orleans round of popular singing competition “American Idol.”

Chad Robin, 25, performed in front of star judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban when the trio came to New Orleans months ago. Robin is keeping his fingers crossed that he will get some screen time when the show airs Thursday night.

“I’m sure that if I see myself on TV I will definitely be critiquing myself,” Robin said. “I’ll also be listening really closely to what the judges are saying. There are a lot of things that they are whispering back and forth between each other that you can’t hear when you’re singing in front of them. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot by watching the audition.”

Robin added that he will be thrilled when he no longer has to keep the results of his audition a secret.

“Keeping those results a secret has been the hardest part of the show for me. The excitement of participating had to be contained only to my immediate family for a while, but now I’m just glad that they’re allowing us to post videos and pictures on Facebook,” Robin said. “It has been fun to celebrate with the people around me so far.”

Robin grew up in Luling before his music career blossomed at Florida State University. He has several videos on YouTube where he shows off his expertise with both his voice and the piano. Robin has been playing the instrument since he was 8 years old.

“An older cousin of mine was playing ‘Fur Elise’ on the piano and after that I knew I was hooked,” Robin said. “I sat there for hours and practiced the notes that she showed me and wouldn’t stop until I had memorized it. After that I remember pulling weeds for weeks trying to save up for my first 64-key piano.”

Robin continued to take piano lessons until he graduated from high school. After going to Florida State, he began performing on stage as part of co-ed a cappella group All-Night Yahtzee.

Robin now lives in New Orleans and is the lead singer of Louisiana Spice Band. The band performs about two shows a weekend and plays weddings, corporate events and festivals.However, Robin’s life changed when news broke that he was a contestant on “American Idol.”

“The amount of support I’ve gotten from people all over has been really incredible,” he said. “It’s amazing because I feel like every day I’m reminded of how many people support my ambitions and goals through messages I’m receiving.”Robin has watched each “American Idol” episode this season and has been blown away by the competition.

“I think that this year will be a defining year for ‘American Idol,’” he said. “They’re finding unique voices and killer performers this year and it’s only going to make the show better and more entertaining. I’ve auditioned for other TV shows and can honestly say that ‘American Idol’ truly cares about the musicians they find, and no other show has produced the same big names that ‘American Idol’ has either.”

Robin will watch Thursday’s episode in Luling surrounded by friends and family.

“There will probably be a big gumbo and other excellent food,” he said. “I’m excited for all of it.”

Thursday’s episode of ‘American Idol’ begins at 7 p.m.


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