HHS feeds the homeless

Ozanam Inn’s immediate priority is to offer aid and comfort to the poor and needy by providing basic human needs such as food, shelter and clothing, which is why Hahnville High School wanted to help. “It’s the goal of the Ozanam Inn to comfort all who are vulnerable, less fortunate and in need, to help them realize their potential,” said Hahnville High Principal Brian Lumar. “Homelessness can effect anyone whether the cause being substance abuse, mental health problems, unemployment, domestic abuse, natural disasters or forced eviction. In one day, you could help feed over 300 men, women and children.”

Lumar said he and his administrative staff had an “awesome experience” volunteering at the New Orleans facility.

“It was a very good feeling to be able to give back,” he said. All of my administrators help to set and clean the tables. Some also assisted with serving meals and drinks. The highlight of the experience was having the opportunity to talk with the homeless. The stories you hear about from just talking to the homeless are really sad. Really hits home how one decision or instance can totally change the living conditions of a person. We gave them food, mainly talked and assisted in any way that we could. They were so appreciative and although we all went thinking we were giving back to them, they gave us more than we gave them.”


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