Health insurance for every man, woman and child in Louisiana

… do you support it? HERALD-GUIDE READER POLL

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed extending medical insurance to all Californians, including illegal immigrants, with a far-reaching plan that would transform the health care market by spreading the $12 billion cost of universal coverage among employers, individuals, insurers, government and health care providers.And the questions we’re asking Herald-Guide readers is simple: Would YOU support such a plan in Louisiana?
To accomplish his goal, Schwarzenegger would require employers with more than 10 workers to provide insurance or pay into a fund that would purchase policies. Do you like that idea?

He also would require insurance carriers to accept all applicants regardless of their health, and he would limit their profits. What do you think?

Schwarzenegger’s plan also would redirect billions of dollars now spent subsidizing the care of the uninsured at hospitals to a pool for purchasing policies for those without insurance. Sound good to you?

And he would impose a tax on doctors and hospitals under the theory that once all Californians have insurance, medical businesses no longer would be burdened by the cost of the uninsured, and the higher rates that providers now charge insured patients could be used to help buy more insurance. Make sense?

By getting all parts of the economy and the industry sharing in the solution, Schwarzenegger said, he believes the price of care will fall, benefiting all.

You’ve read his arguments and an overview of his plan, now YOU be the judge.

If you think Schwarzenegger is on to something that is needed in Louisiana and would work here, vote, YES – Gov. Schwarzenegger’s plan is a good one and ought to be enacted in Louisiana.

If you disagree, vote, NO – Mr. Schwarzenegger is dreaming. The plan is unworkable.

Write: or post your vote and comments to: Health Poll, P.O. Box 1199, Boutte, LA 70039.
Don’t wait – make YOUR voice heard today.


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