Hats off to the Women of St. Charles: Group raises $30K for scholarships and grants to nonprofits

Teacup Auction
Sally Schexnaydre and Pam Shepard, both Ways and Means chairwomen, who organize the Teacup Auction.

This year’s Women’s of St. Charles Teacup Auction went so well the group had to use bidding tickets from previous years and raised $26.028.

Sally Schexnaydre and Pam Shepard, both Ways and Means chairwomen, who are still glowing over the numbers.

“We sold a record of 10 rolls of tickets with 2,000 per roll,” Shepard said. “We ran out of those purchased for the event and fell back on previous years’ tickets in the last 30 minutes of ticket sales. It was scary for a while but, thankfully we had enough back up tickets with us. Our Teacup girls rushed to pull and separate those and we were able to finish sales. This is a problem Sally Schexnaydre and I were thrilled to have.”

This year’s auction theme was “Hats Off to the Women in St. Charles Parish.”

“Three hundred fifty ladies from every walk of life were welcomed as they placed raffle tickets on a hammock, zero gravity chairs with tables, a Roomba vacuum, smart watch, coach watch, handbags, jewelry, grills, fire pits, a travel package with Southwest Airlines, household goods, and many gardening items,” Shepard said. “Gift certificates were plentiful to area restaurants, dentists, financial advisors, and stores. Many smiles and happy faces met us as the event ended. This, by far, was our best Teacup Auction. We can definitely say, ‘Hats Off to the Women in St. Charles Parish’ for a job well done.”

It’s a not a record year for raising funds for the Women’s group, but Shepard said collectively they’ve raised $30,000 for 2017-18 that will translate into the entire amount becoming more scholarships for high school students and grants for non-profit groups aiding the community. The group’s two fundraising efforts were both held in St. Charles Parish.

“We are very fortunate to have civic-minded club members volunteering to do the hard work needed to make this event successful,” Shepard said. “We are grateful to businesses; St. Charles Printing and Riverland’s Insurance, for making contributions in kind to cover printing and insurance costs. We are overwhelmed with the generosity of local businesses and individuals donating their services, products and monetary donations for our event.”

Regina Allemand, publicity chair, added, they are excited to be able to give multiple scholarships to Destrehan and Hahnville high school seniors this year.

Allemand attributed the auction’s success to Shepard and Schexnaydre, praising their “ingenuity and dedication” toward making it bigger and better for the community.

“It’s more money that goes into the community for programs and people that need it,” Allemand added.

Shepard also praised Stacey and Andrew Messina of Messina’s Catering were extremely professional in meeting our catering needs. Anedra Coleman of the Edward Dufrense Community Center was helpful in working with us to plan and execute the day’s activities.


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