Getting adventurous with the crawfish pot … fear not the goodies

What goes in a Louisiana crawfish boil is only limited by the cook’s creativity so here’s some suggested additions that could jazz up this dish.

Garlic, onions, celery, potatoes, lemons and corn are typical additions for a boil. For a citrus twist, many cooks add orange slices. Some cooks want these items in a mesh or lingerie bag, along with hot peppers of just about any kind.

Whole artichokes cooked this way is gaining in popularity because it tastes good.

Not surprisingly, some cooks have ventured into other easy additions including bell peppers, sweet potatoes and unpeeled carrots in thick slices.

If you’re one of those people who find a way to add hot dogs to just about any dish, then here’s your chance again with a crawfish boil. This is sort of a cheat as a novelty considering a hotdog is like sausage and nearly every boil includes some type of sausage.

However, just of moment of reverence here to the beloved Cajun favorite of Andouille to anyone contemplating a boil for spicy, smoky flavor. But there are a variety of sausage choices to please most palettes. Just open the wrapper and let them swim.

Just as with hot dog lovers, there is also a group of people who will put bologna in just about anything and, yes, there are people putting in it their boil, too. This one may only be for the brave.

Want to get exotic or tropical with your mudbugs?

More adventurous cooks have tried pineapple – whole, sliced, wedges and even bits – and loved it.

Have you ever tossed turkey necks in a boil? If so, you’re not the first and won’t be the last to find a way to use this meat. All we’re saying here is some have experimented with it.

We’re not finished with the veggies.

Whole mushrooms, asparagus, Brussel spouts, cauliflower, beets, rhubarb, snap peas and Mirliton (you know, that odd looking little green squash) have also all shown up on plates. Cook this carefully for best eating. Love your veggies.

Want to have some goofy fun and eat good?

Leave the green beans or corn in the can, punch holes in it and toss it in the water. The spicier palettes in your gang will thank you.

Brace yourself for this goody.

Once the boil is done, turn off the burner and add a few raw eggs to the hot water. Drop them gently, of course.

This one might surprise just about anyone.

Ravioli (the big, thick kind) is showing up in boils, too.

And, finally, many cooks insist that no boil is complete without beer – in and outside of the pot.


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