Are ‘school busses’ too hot for kids?

Darn tootin’ – especially for the young ‘uns

Last week the Herald-Guide asked in page-one headline, “Are school busses too hot for our kids?” And this week we answer with a resounding: “Yes, they are too hot, especially for the little ones” – because “school busses” have nothing to do with wheeling squealing students to their campuses in a fleet of big yellow vehicles.The fact is, when you spell “buss” with double s’s, according to most dictionaries and The Associated Press Stylebook, the word means “kiss.”

Yep, we goofed – well, our computerized spell-checker did, and we didn’t catch it. But we’re big enough to laugh at ourselves and correct our mistakes, not in private in a whisper, but in an even bigger headline than the one we flubbed on.

We also asked our old pal, world-famous Chicago cartoonist Dick Kulpa, to dress up our story with exclusive art that we hope gives you pause to chuckle along with us.

In a companion article this week, we take a closer look at the issue that prompted our headline in the first place – whether St. Charles Parish Schools should shell out close to a million bucks to air-condition 131 buses (note how we cleverly spelled that one just one “s” this time) to make the ride to and from school more comfortable for our children and those brave men and women behind the wheel.

Far from a repeat of last week’s story, this is an expanded and colorful “people feature” based on interviews with students, parents, and drivers both past and present.

Make no mistake, the issue is a significant one that affects every man, woman and child in St. Charles Parish. Kids ride the buses and they have parents who are concerned for their comfort and welfare.

And even if you don’t have children, you still have a stake – because air conditioners cost money to install and also increase fuel and maintenance costs. And you, as taxpayers, are footing the bill.

While we’ve got your attention, let’s get back to this business about kids bussing!

What do YOU think? What age is right for kissing in school – 12 … 13 … 16 … or should children never kiss in school? And if kissing is okay, what kind of kissing: a peck on the cheek, a quickie smooch to the lips, a serious lip kiss? We’ll publish your letters in the Herald-Guide, so send them in and make your voice heard. Write: We’ll do the rest.


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