A sugar-free or vegan experience with dessert

Left: Cheyann Doman shows a sugar-free dessert. Far right: Jada Marshall displays a vegan dessert.

Sweet Rolls in Destrehan advertises as a one-of-a-kind experience, but getting a hand-rolled ice cream dessert that’s sugar free or vegan is also among those experiences.

“It’s in demand,” said Rachel Gill who owns the franchise along with her husband, Gill, introducing the rolled ice cream concept.

Sugar-free options are tantalizing with dishes including The Wedding Cake, White Chocolate Vanilla Bean or Caramel Café’ Au Lait. They can come entirely sugar free with ice cream, as well as cakes, cookies, pretzels or fruit or with sauces and syrups that are also sugar free.

“That was a big part for us,” Gill said of healthy options being on the menu that convinced them to invest in the franchise. “Everyone could come here and get ice cream regardless of their diet restrictions.”

The vegan option with a coconut milk base ice cream allows anyone who can’t have dairy to also have ice cream, she said. They also offer a whipped topping that is also vegan.

The customer can get the base and topping and then add what they’d like to the dish, such as fruit and/or nuts.

“People come in so excited about it,” Gill said.

“People come in so excited about it.” — Rachel Gill

Also on the healthier side is the store’s gelato and sorbetto.

Gelato comes with half the butter fat of regular ice cream, which Gill says is “a healthier option.”

Their sorbetto is also a dairy-free option.

“They are particular on avoiding cross contamination for people with allergies,” Gill said.

Another healthy option is smoothies that can be made with Syntha-6, a protein powder, and fruit or fat-free yogurt and PB2 powder.

“People are responding great to it,” she said.”

Jaden Walker demonstrates making ice cream rolls.


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