New brewery next to popular seafood restaurant eyes May opening

Brandon and June Zeringue

While Luling’s Crawfish and Chill opened to huge crowds last month, they will soon have a new neighbor that will pair perfectly with their offerings and will bring even more people to the area.

The owners of German Coast Beer Company, which will be the only brewery in St. Charles Parish, have said that they are planning on opening their doors to the public in May. They are currently renovating the building situated beside Crawfish and Chill.

“It seems that the whole parish is talking about it!“ Brandon Zeringue, who owns the brewery along with his wife, June, said. “The response has been overwhelming. The first article that ran in the St Charles Herald-Guide was really what spread the word that we were opening. One of the most common responses is that people are excited not to have to drive to Metairie or New Orleans for fresh craft beer or to hang out.”

Zeringue is a chemist and brewer and said that he and his wife brewed more than 200 batches of beer before settling on what they plan to regularly offer their customers. German Coast Beer Company will feature a few beers on tap on a permanent basis, including an IPA, American lager and English stout, alongside a continuously rotating group of seasonal beers using different hop styles and malt characteristics.

Since the brewery was announced last year, Zeringue said they’ve fielded plenty of questions but the response has been an easy one – “yes.”

“Will there be food? Yes, we will have some food, pop ups, food trucks and our neighbors’ lovely menu. Is it kid friendly? Yes, we will have root beer and games for kids. Will there be sports? Yes! Will there be private events? Yes, Thursday nights will be for rehearsal dinners, graduation parties or company parties,” he said.

Zeringue added that he and his wife’s excitement has only grown after seeing the success Crawfish and Chill has had next door.

“Our neighbors at Crawfish and Chill have done a wonderful job, and their food is amazing,” he said. “It shows how supportive this community is to new and local businesses. This particular area has a state-of-the-art recreation center, performing arts center and community center. A lot of the community works at the courthouse, sheriffs office and school board. We can’t wait to become the local brewery and add to the excitement.”

Though the Zeringues had originally planned to open early in 2024, the date was pushed back as they deal with a crucial point in renovations and permitting.

“The renovations to the building were massive: new roof, walls, floors and ceilings, bathrooms, exterior patio, electrical and HVAC,” Zeringue said. “In the next four weeks we will be building the brewhouse and cellar. Once we get it permitted and inspected we will start brewing. Our beers can take anywhere from two to six weeks of fermenting before it’s ready to serve. 

“We are very hopeful that we are 60-90 days out from opening the doors. We are giving ourselves margin time to make sure we are serving the most incredible beer possible. The beer will be worth the wait!”

He added that being so close to the opening date almost doesn’t seem real.

“We have been planning this brewery for years now, and there have been so many roadblocks that we have had to get past (COVID, Hurricane IDA),” he said. “ Now that the opening date is so close, it feels like perfect timing.”

German Coast Beer Company will be located at 13899 River Road in Luling.