Terrorism threat may cut air travel

The threat of terrorism aboard airliners could affect the future of the air travel industry. After all, one thinks twice about the inconvenience of going through searches for weapons and, most of all, the possibility of getting blown up in mid-air.

This came to mind the other day when we saw an Amtrak advertisement for the first time in a long while. Is our railway monopoly trying to lure customers that used to fly with reckless abandon from here to there almost on a daily basis?

Of course, if Amtrak gets them, they will be travelling on a two to three-day basis. But that’s okay for many since a lot of work is being done via laptops these days by people travelling on airplanes which could be done just as well while creeping along by train. And train travel allows you to view the countryside, not just the clouds you are travelling through.

But the main effect of the terrorism threat will probably be that people will travel less. After all, one can stay at home or at the office and pull out that laptop or cell phone and communicate with customers or friends far away without standing in line for inspection or waiting for the “all aboard.”

It’s a changing world, to say the least. And the threat of terrorism and our ability to communicate will make it change more..

Quakes more deadly than hurricanes
Earthquakes are causing a lot of damage in the world today. It makes us feel somewhat satisfied to live in hurricane prone Louisiana.

Many folks say they are tired of evacuating. But at least we know when a possible catastrophe is coming so we can get prepared and out of the way.

When you hear and feel the first rumble of an earthquake, it’s already there. And the damage it can cause is there, too.

Description of Obama not news
The media gets out of hand sometimes by making too much out of too little. Such was the case when it was revealed in a book that Sen. Harry Reid described President Barack Obama as “light- skinned” and possessing no “Negro dialect.”
So what? It was neither a compliment or insult. It was just a statement of fact.

But it was all over television. Apparently there wasn’t enough other news that day.

Reid apologized to Obama, we know not why. And Obama accepted it, again we know not why, and he added that “the book is closed.”

At least our President can see the irrelevance of some news stories. With all that is going on in the world today, television reporters should find something important to talk about.

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