Road Home Web site hasn’t been updated in a week

There seems to be no way for citizens to monitor and hold Governor Blanco’s Road Home Program accountable.

We certainly cannot depend on our public officials.
The website that lists the statistics on grant awards has not been updated since last Monday.   Once again, I have contacted Governor Blanco’s Road Home program to request an update and to request that the statistics be updated daily.   As slow as they work, updating shouldn’t be too time-consuming.

Governor Blanco set 6,000 closings in the month of March as the goal for the state’s contractor ICF International.

Thus only 1,725 has been scheduled.  There is no report on how many actually closed.

Unless the statistics are provided more timely, we will not know whether the goal of 6,000 closings in March has been met until the first Monday in April.

Before we hear the excuse that the latest HUD edict has slowed down the awarding of grants, we should wonder how.

HUD merely said the homeowners could get grants in a “lump sum” rather than in installments.

Common sense says that awarding money in a one-time lump sum is faster and easier than doling it out in installments.

ICF is so busy making sure that homeowners don’t steal any money that apparently, they don’t have time to let us know what they are doing for the money they are being paid.

Apparently, ICF can be trusted, but LA homeowners cannot.


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