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It’s not hard to give this year

Some may feel it is difficult to give thanks little more than a year after the most devastating hurricane in our history and at a time when terrorism is such a threat to us. But when we look at the total picture, there can be no other way to express our feelings. Thanksgiving day is a time to look at the good things we have experienced and there are many. Especially here in St. Charles Parish where the weather lately has been very agreeable. The hurricane season this year was one of the mildest on record though it had been predicted to be one of the worst.

Our school system is back to normal after a difficult year following Katrina. Public services in the parish were restored soon after the hurricane roared past. Parish workers started cleaning up the mess even as they returned from their evacuation. Tons of debris and fallen trees have been removed.

Hundreds of people from all over the world have come to our aid in Southeast Louisiana’s time of need. Many others have sent money to help finance our recovery.

We have scored some progress in Washington in getting the support we sorely need to restore our residences and public facilities. We are also getting more attention on our need to rebuild our coast and protect our homeland. Plans and work on our levee system also are progressing to keep our populated areas safe from future storm surges.

There are many more things for which we could express our appreciation. But, above all, we are glad to be here experiencing life as it unfolds in its many ways and to offer thanks for the opportunity.


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