Hopefully, Kim makes right choice

The time is coming within the next few weeks to see which way the nuclear showdown between the United States and North Korea, that has existed for several years, would resolve itself. At the present time, it seems there may be a very peaceful end to what could have been a world war producing explosion that would have upset an already unpeaceful world during the past few years.

Our President was scheduled to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un in Singapore Tuesday. Whatever has resulted from the events of that day remain to be seen and may not be realized for some time yet.

But things have softened up a great deal. Instead of two leaders from opposite ends of the world tearing each other apart in words, they have become somewhat conciliatory and this week have been preparing to meet in what appears to be a peaceful summit meeting in which the North Korean leader may give up his past record of promoting nuclear weapons as his weapons of choice for his use in dictating the world in the future.

Kim Jong Un has indicated in recent comments that he could be ready to eliminate nuclear weapons from his choice in the future and turn his country into one with a more peaceful intent. He further indicates that he is looking forward to a more peaceful future in his portion of the world as well as across the oceans toward the United States.

We should soon know which way his intentions will take him. Hopefully, his intent has turned toward peace with other countries in the world and not with further studies of how to create nuclear weapons that can demonize the world as he has threatened to do before.

Hopefully that has been his choice in his summit meeting with our President. We are sure the United States of America will back him.


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