Prepare yourselves for a wonderful year in 2011

There’s a wonderful year ahead in 2011 with a lot to look forward to. It may make all the other years small in comparison.

For example:
Work on improvement of U. S. Hwy. 90 in Boutte and Luling will be completed soon to make travelling along the west bank better than ever.

Plans will start on the construction of a new road between U. S. 90 and River Road in Luling somewhere near the Davis Diversion Canal that will free Barton Avenue, a residential road, of commercial traffic that becomes very heavy at times.

Our new DMV building on River Road in Hahnville will be completed to allow motorists more convenience in getting their driver’s licenses.

The Norco Health Center will be finished, or almost, to benefit east bankers.

The sheriff’s complex on Sugarland Parkway will be finished and completely occupied, probably next month.

Groundbreaking on a community center for St. Charles, also on Sugarland Parkway, should be held. When completed, it will provide a wonderful place for parish events such as high school graduations which now are held outside the parish.

Congress will quit issuing earmarks with which they pay back supporters in their area at the expense of taxpayers throughout the country.

Work will start on re-writing our tax code so it will be fairer to all and less overbearing in paying our taxes.

Our tax cuts will become permanent so individuals and businesses can plan their futures without uncertainty about how much they will have to pay the federal government.

Hahnville and Destrehan High Schools will have great athletic seasons and  one of them will win the state Class 5-A football championship.

The Saints will beat the Patriots 28-21 in the Superbowl on February 6 in Dallas. Who dat!

And may we all have a Happy New Year. Amen.


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