Politics or not, Gore film should be seen by all

Going to see the Al Gore Film “An Inconvenient Truth” can bring two reactions from viewers.

One will say “It’s about time somebody had the guts to come out with the knowledge of our global-warming problems.” Another will respond “Gore must be running for President again.”

But in the final analysis, one must resort to the first finding and say, politics or not, this is a problem we have to face and now.

One of the disconcerting features of the movie is the fact that the former Vice President is on the screen just about every clip of the film, either monopolizing the view or at least in reduced size on the side. That would lead one to believe in the second theory.

But the film is so well done that one tends to forget that it is Gore there and concentrates on the problems at hand. It becomes alarming to learn that when global warming melts Antartica, sea levels will rise 20 feet. And where will Louisiana be then?

There are some, mostly conservatives, who believe global warming is merely a natural phenomenon that comes and goes as the centuries pass by. But scientists seem to agree that what Gore asserts in the film is scientifically correct.

The Vice President does not elaborate on the evidence. But he gives enough to make one believe that it is time to take note. We must reduce carbon dioxide emissions which are a main cause of global warming.

We don’t know whether Gore plans to run for President again. But if he does, Hillary Clinton had better be prepared.

After this film is seen by enough people, the star will have plenty of followers. In fact, we can almost hear the chants “Gore for President” as the credits rolled at the end of the film.

Regardless, Al Gore has done the nation and the world a service by producing this film. It is well done and should produce some action to study this problem more thoroughly and do what we can to help save this world from disaster.

The film starts with views of New Orleans after Katrina. Mayor Ray Nagin is shown assessing some of the city’s problems for the audience.

The warming of the Gulf of Mexico is what creates hurricanes like Katrina and it will continue to get worse if we can’t stop global warming. Other parts of the world are becoming parched because rain patterns have changed and temperatures have risen.

Regardless of whether this is mainly a cycle in the history of the world or not, we must try to reverse it.

Thanks, Al, for a job well done.


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