Maybe it’s time to restore draft

We never should have done away with the draft back in 1974 to help stop demonstrations against the war in Vietnam.

Before then, it was the duty of all men to step up to the plate through the draft to help defend their country.

Now we have a segregated armed services with only those who volunteer going to the front lines to defend their country. As if it wasn’t in the interest of all to defend their land.

The draft does not have to be for two years but any amount of time would put draftees into the picture of helping to save their country from evil forces around the world.

And we certainly have plenty of those evil forces today. Though we are not officially at war, our soldiers are constantly being targeted by enemy forces and our everyday citizens are at risk from terrorists.

Drafting young people just out of high school would give them a beneficial interlude in their studies and make them more serious. That was evident right after World War II when this writer attended college.

Veterans were much more attentive to serious learning than students just out of high school.

Restoring the draft would make youngsters out of high school more knowledgeable about the unsettled situation in the world and make them more alert in trying to change it for the better as they pursue higher education.

A one-year or even six-month draft for men would help accomplish those purposes. Women would still be on a volunteer basis since many would have to stay home and raise the kids.

It would help put everyone on the same level whether they’re volunteers for permanent military service or just contributing some time through the draft to their country’s security.

Then, everyone would become a participant in helping to make the world more secure and a better place in which to live.


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