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Landry's Outboards
Landry's Outboards

Landry’s Outboard Motors moved to its new location and into a larger store seven months ago, allowing the business to offer more items and better services than ever before. The store is now located at 4428 Hwy. 90 in Des Allemands, just over the bridge.

“There’s way more room for everything,” owner Robert Landry said. “I can hold way more boats and it’s easier access for people in and off the road. There’s a showroom now, too. Everyone that’s come in has seemed to really love the place. They almost can’t believe how it’s been fixed up.”

About two months ago, the store officially became a service center and dealer for the Power Pole, a shallow water anchoring system for all small skiffs, bass boats, flat boats and bay boats. Their design allows anglers to fish in one spot more seamlessly than they otherwise could.

“Everyone wants them,” Landry said. “They’ve been a hot item. Everyone’s been putting them on their boats. When fish are biting, they school in a little spot and you can stay there and catch more of them, without the fish moving away. You just push a button and it anchors itself. You don’t have to worry about pulling an anchor or anything like that, so you can imagine why that’s appealing to so many people.”

Landry has been in the business of repairing and fine-tuning outboard boat motors for 30 years, and has spent the last 17 years running his own business after working for another store early in his career.

Aside from motor service and repair, tasks performed at the shop include the installation and repair of steering, gauges, depth finders, troll motors, radios and bimini tops.

“We do rebuilt motors, we service motors and sell second-hand motors,” Landry said. “We’ll do a little painting, and we rig up the motors on the boat. And we try to get them out as fast as we can. We don’t want to hold up the customers and get them mad.”

Buffing and detailing packages are also available. Painting and decal work, Landry said, are among his favorite things to do.

He’s received plenty of good feedback over the years from his clients.

“I’ve been in boat shows and everyone always tells me, ‘you do some good work,’” Landry said. “It’s pretty satisfying to be able to have my business here, where I’m from, help out people you know and get them out on the water. It’s definitely a great place to have a business.”

Landry’s Outboard can be reached at (985) 758-7948.

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